The Most Valuable Personal Finance Websites Of 2017


Smart personal finance decisions are informed decisions. When it comes to refinancing your home, getting car loans, finding proper health insurance, and the list goes on, it get get very overwhelming. But not to worry! Knowledge is power, they say. And that’s a good thing, since there are so many incredible info-packed personal finance websites right at your fingertips. Because of this, we’ve curated the list of the top ten best personal finance websites out there.

#1 The MintLife Blog

Mint is an Intuit ™ company that has an app for managing bills, bank accounts, investments and credit. Their slogan is, “When you’re on top of your money, life is good. We help you effortlessly manage your finances in one place.” Their blog is also an incredible resource that is perfect for people who are newer to personal finance, explaining topics from compounding interest to throwing holiday parties on a budget.

#2 Nerdwallet

NerdWallet provides seriously practical money advice. They do an incredible job in providing insight into important personal finance management decisions. From their credit card comparison pages to bank comparison charts, there is so much beautifully laid-out info on there. They even have charts for retirement savings, loans, and mortgages. Nerdwallet is our hub for looking up the stats. They do a great job at keeping the info up-to-date.

#3 The Money Guy Show

The Money Guy Show is a website and podcast that has ten years of experience. They provide financial advice for millions of individuals across the US. One of the best things about Money Guy is that you can read their articles and also listen to their blog, giving you a great feel for their style of personal financial management. They offer practical advice that is useful to both the newbie and the individual who has experience with managing his own finances.

#4 Ebates

Ebates is a cash-back website that can help you save tons of money on your typical purchases. Using their site stretches your hard-earned dollars even further!


#5 Dealbook by The New York Times

This The New York Times column feature important breaking financial stories that are important for every investor to know about. If you’re interested in stocks and corporate finance, this will be your dream come true! Don’t miss a merger or stock split ever again.

#6 Kelly Blue Book

KBB is your home for cars, end of story. For comparing car prices, whether you’re buying or selling, Kelly Blue Book is one of the most reliable resources. Their analysis tools show exactly what you should be paying for new and used vehicles. You can even find an instant cash offer section. KBB can eliminate the stress from one of your most important purchase decisions – your vehicles.

#7 Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is one of the most reputable sites for comparing prices. While although KBB specializes in cars, Consumer reports is also very reliable. They also have sections for car insurance prices, homeowners insurance, grocery stores and even luggages! If you do your research on this site, you can be confident that you’re getting the best deals out there.