Here Is Why You Should Sell Your Tesla Car Right Now


The hype on the Tesla car was there since the beginning. The demand for the car has always been high, while the supply has always been low. In fact, Tesla doesn’t advertise at all and yet they managed to become as popular as they are now. Tesla continues to be one of the most desired cars in the industry. If you are lucky enough to own one, here is why you should sell it.

Tesla Revenue

Tesla has had a revenue increase of 68% in 2017. Despite this, all their other metrics have decreased.

Tesla is constantly updating and improving, but in order to develop, they need money. Tesla uses debt to fund these improvements. This has caused them to be over-leveraged and even gave them a poor credit rating. This means they could struggle in the future and the value of their cars can decrease.

Wall Street have analyzed the company and are expecting a 5% decrease in Tesla’s stock price. This could effect the value of the cars and will most likely cause the price of the car to go down as well. So, if you have a Tesla and want to sell, now would be the best time to do it.

While the Tesla car used to be way ahead of its competitors in terms of technology, the competition has been quickly catching up while Tesla hasn’t advanced as much as they should have. This could mean that fewer people will be willing to splurge on a Tesla then before. The better the technology, the lower your car insurance may be.

Other car companies including the Chevrolet Bolt, the Nissan Leaf and theVolkswagen e-Golf are quickly coming close to the electric car technology that Tesla is using. Being the first in the market to offer this advanced technology has worked to Tesla’s advantage, but it isn’t going to help them in the future.

So our advice is to sell. If you love the car and are a Tesla fan forever, you may decide to sell now and buy another Tesla later.